We are always ordering stuff from online shops. It is so simple and it fits perfectly with being quite lazy too. All we need to do is crack open a browser. Then head to the favourite search engine (there is really only one). Now frantically type our carefully thought out search term and hit the keyboard with eager anticipation.

Viola… everything we could ever wish for is magically dragged from the cloud and presented in a well formatted list. IMMEDIATELY realising the search term may not have been specific enough, we reduce or expand the aforementioned text. Now hit the search again to eagerly await the reply from our really helpful friend – the search engine.


The shop of all shops

Jeff Bezos (amazon founder), what a guy. What a really, really, extremely wealthy guy. Loved as much as hated Mr. Online Shopping himself did something really clever. It is not a shop, it is not almost immediate delivery, neither is it really clever marketing. He gave us something we did not know we were missing, but now cannot live without. That is “value”. Hate him or love him this guy really did and continues to think out of the basket.

Now, let’s be honest if you have visions of being the next Jeff you really need to have a sit down and a long chat with yourself. If after that you are still convinced then please do the following. Don’t give us a call because we will bring you back to the real world with a great big helping of honesty. If you did not realise, we say it as it is.

We are not in a hurry. Just impatient.

STOP, BREATHE, RELAX – NO! forgot something. QUICK buy it online. RESULT! Now we can get back to our busy life, content in the knowledge that the something is on its way. We even know when it will be delivered because those helpful bunch of people allow us to track the little beauty.  

Then there is the follow up. They really do care about us. They know how to make us feel satisfied with not only our purchase, but also the end-to-end experience too.


A STUPID PARROT will use all powers of persuasion to convince the unaware that ecommercing is simple. Building the website, plopping in a shop plugin and ta da… you are live. That is where the service stops. Quicker than Usain Bolt’s shorts they are off building someone else’s empire.

Over egged? maybe, but does your business know if it is ecommerce ready?

  • Can you supply the expected demand?
  • Can you hold stock?
  • How much stock can you afford to hold?
  • How is it packed?
  • How is it shipped?
  • Who will be doing what?
  • What add costs are involved in running an online business?

The STUPID PARROTS are uninterested in any of this stuff. That is your problem. It is not their business.

Not all businesses translate well into online selling. Even the ones that do have to adjust to accommodate the things that are needed. Saying this though you do not have to sell everything you sell offline through an online shop. 

Some products are ideal candidates and some are not. For example, selling one low value item, lets say a fishing float at £0.99p. Having to pack and ship it makes no sense when you look at the total sell cost. Now if on the other hand you are selling a high value fishing rod and while buying offer the reel, line and floats it now all makes sense.

The STUPID PARROTS have no idea about business, they just build simple shops and add everything including the kitchen sink. Good for them. Well done.

SO SUMMING IT ALL UP. We need to make sure we know what we are buying, who we are buying it from and whether it is worth popping on the old interweb shopy thing.  Now go and have another peek at our blog. You know you want to.

Online Ecommerce Shops

PLEASE IGNORE THE SHOPPING BASKET. It has been left here for search engines as they like at least one picture to be on a page. Go figure!