We love Bob Hoffman

Best-selling author Bob Hoffman is what you might call an aggravator. He goes against the flow of drivel that the STUPID PARROTS swan around in. Not to be offensive, derogatory, or abusive. Instead he promotes a freedom of thought that many have lost through the barrage of information we are all exposed to.


The 3 word brief is a good example

Bob is not one for beating around the bush. His viewpoint makes most think again. Question what they think they know and challenge preconceptions. The 3 word brief is a good example of why “We love Bob Hoffman”.

Like us, Bob believes that the majority of what is being labelled Advertising & Marketing today is utter rubbish. Promoted by the STUPID PARROTS to be proof of their brilliance. You can find out more about Bob on his website aptly named bobhoffmanswebsite.com – we love it.

Here is why we love Bob Hoffman

Check out some of the videos featuring Bob. There are plenty to get your teeth into. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Did Ad Tech Kill Creativity?

Bob Hoffman on Boomers

The Golden Age of Bullshit


You can read a load more stories, get further advice, and insight from our blog. It is good for almost everything marketing. So if you have a spare few days take a look.

We love Bob Hoffman

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