1 Has Been A While


It is hard to create good content. Now we are using the words GOOD CONTENT in relation to the search engines. According to the pundits, and we kid you not, this is how you create good content.

“Before writing content that you assume will attract people, do your homework. Take a look at your competitors and see how they’re positioning similar products. What’s your differentiator? Highlight it in your content and on your website”


Do these STUPID PARROTS follow the same rules every time? Yep you guessed it YES! For goodness sake please give it a rest.


Ooo that copy on the competitors website reads really well. Let’s take that copy, jiggy jig jig it and slop out some of our own good (rubbish) content.

For example, we have not posted for over a week. Why? Well 1. we are busy and 2. we had lost interest in posting. Everyone does, so do not fool yourselves. It is OK though we are back on the ball. We all face the same dilemmas. The easy route is to get some STUPID PARROT to take this on. They know what they are doing (NOT) and can churn heaps of steaming good (rubbish) content out to keep the search engines and us happy too.

REMEMBER DOING something is better than doing nothing. May be not? In our race to fill the interweb with oodles of stuff we can get caught up in looking to be unsure, indifferent or possibly arrogant. Our target audience are being bombarded with stuff. Some of it is spot on. Unfortunately the majority is just well stuff that some STUPID PARROT made up from a bit made up from another STUPID PARROT.

Writing website content in loads of easy steps.

Go to the interweb (here is a search engine). It is great. You can find lots of top tips, all neatly numbered and ordered to wow your audience. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3 or even more than 50 simple to follow steps. So why do you need these steps? Why do steps count in search engine ranking? It is simple. Because the search engines like a numerical title. You know ones like. “3 ways to write good content” or 11 golden rules to writing good website content”.

There you have it then. Because we have added those numbers our numbers will improve. Well that is the theory anyway. HOLD ON, there are lots of theories. Each strongly believed in by the STUPID PARROTS. Yes they can get their analytics to show things are happening. Is this having an impact on business though? If it is what is that impact. Why did we do it? What was out goal?


OK as you can see we have been able to write a blog post. Whether it is of any value is an unknown. We are not asking anyone to give us feedback. We are not directing the reader to do anything. In fact we are just happily tapping away at the keyboard to make us feel we have brought some more stuff to the interweb. Stuff that no one will really read or even consider when buying what we sell. Yes there is great content out there and sometimes it will make an impact. An impact that we desired. Not one that we need to analyse and claw over to make a pretty infographic from.

1 Has Been A While

We are going to carry on writing our blog post, but not strictly following the imposed criteria of word count, keywords, images, video and all that other stuff. Yes we do take these factors into consideration and yes we, like every other service out there need to. We believe in writing content that has a purpose. Has an end goal and ultimately delivers the desired outcome. So with that said get on the phone and we can have a chat about your needs and wants. Speak soon.

For more riveting stories, advice and insight check out our blog. It is good for almost everything marketing. So if you have a spare few days take a look.

1 Has Been A While

PLEASE IGNORE THE POCKET WATCH. It has been left here for search engines as they like at least one picture to be on a page. Go figure!