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If STUPID PARROT was described in one word it would be DIFFERENT. It is not that we use any tools not also available to others or call upon hidden secrets. It is because we say it as we see it.

(Not to be rude just to be truthful and transparent)

The kingpins (they like to be called that) have been swimming in the marketing sector pond for many a year and it shows, they’ve gone all wrinkly. There is still life in the old dogs though and it was over many long and sometimes heated debates about the quality of today’s marketing that they decided to make a stand and expose the STUPID PARROTS.


We strongly believe that the majority of what is being uncontrollably termed as marketing today is virtually a copy of what the competition is doing. So we invented a term for these types … STUPID PARROTS!

These so called experts look at your competitors and duplicate what others are doing. So basically parroting the same message. We believe this is… well STUPID!

A ginormous, extremely big blooper.

Can people make a mistake without even knowing they are? Well the answer is… YES obviously. The mammoths in the room though are the STUPID PARROTS that are making the mistakes. This is scary stuff when a business puts its faith in their believed expertise.

I just wants will never ever get.

Moving swiftly onto the “I just wants” we salute you. Just wants say what they want. It may get you what you thought you wanted, but you will end up just saying “I tried that… it didn’t work” Why? you may ask yourself… Errr – you used some STUPID PARROTS!

Has your business passed its test?

You may have just got the business out of the starting blocks, eagerly anticipating your journey or even been on the business road for eons. No matter which you qualify for a STUPID PARROT TEST. Yes there is such a thing. Give a little time and you will be rewarded with oodles of advice. It is up to you whether you take it or not.



YEH, we design stuff. Lots of it, all of the time. From the wee hours of the morning to the late, late hours of the night we design. WE DO NOT JUST MEAN VISUAL DESIGN. We mean proper, good old fashioned, thought about, strategic design.


HEAD OVER TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: There is hardly anything on it. Well there was when we wrote this.

JUST FOR SEO here is an internal link. Our blog is good for almost everything marketing. If you have a spare few days take a look.



ASK US A QUESTION OR TWO. Questions engage people. They cause thought (we know that can be a little hard for STUPID PARROTS). Questions call upon prior knowledge and experiences. Questions challenge assumptions.

Through questioning we move from a passive listener to an engaged participant. REMEMBER PEOPLE… it is good to talk!

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PLEASE IGNORE THE ROCKING HORSE. It has been left here for search engines as they like at least one picture to be on a page. Go figure!