Here we are again. The STUPID PARROTS just do it because everyone else is. They think that every little helps. They think that you will say I’m loving it! YES the company slogan and brand tagline is exactly what you need.


Just like the famous John Lewis mantra “Never knowingly undersold” (which used to mean something) it seems every man and his dog is spouting some dynamic statement that makes them feel that they are doing their very best for their paying customers.

We have all been there. Something we have purchased has not quite met our expectations or even worse fallen so short from what we paid for that we lose all faith in a business.

The art of coming up with a catchy phrase.

STUPID PARROTS think it is a great idea to have a catchy phrase. They do not know why but they always come up with one that they think us dumb consumers will take as gospel. We see it time and time again. The trouble is these clever (STUPID) PARROTS really do not understand the damage some simple words can reek.

Is it a slogan or is it a tagline? 

A slogan tells us what the business stands for, it encompasses the mission, and even enforces how the business is helping customers.

A tagline is a catchy phrase that hopefully evokes an image of a brand in the minds of customers. Taglines are thought to enable consumers to make quick associations with a business: “When you see a [tagline], you are supposed to think [company].”

EXAMPLE: Just Do It = ?
EXAMPLE: Every little helps = ?
EXAMPLE: I’m Loving It = ?

STOP…. A slogan and tagline are the same. In fact these catchy little numbers have all been born from a distant advertising campaign and were never really intended to be super glued to the business’s identity.


A business doesn’t need a slogan or tagline, but marketing history shows us that every recognised brand has one. This is what the STUPID PARROTS pick up on. They try their level best to come up with the all encompassing words strung together and slotted under the logo. They call this building a brand – STOP IT NOW! PLEASE JUST STOP!

The world changes and so do businesses. So when a STUPID PARROT comes up with something so generic and self explanatory as a strapline/tagline they can leave a trail of future misery in their wake.

NOW you may be questioning where we are going with this. The best way to explain is to give some simple examples of the good, the bad and the downright ugly (STUPID) ones.

The Good

Just Do It = Nike
Just – allows us to simply do something – in this case compete/exercise.
Do It – This is so general that “it” conjures up an exhaustive number of things. In this case activities in sport.

The beauty of “Just Do It” is that you could apply this to anything, not just a sports clothing brand.

The Bad

I Can = Nike
All we need to say here is WHY did the STUPID PARROTS think they could better “Just Do It”. Someone saw the light and stopped this stupidity in its tracks back in 1990. The famous words have been running for 31 years as of 2020.

The Ugly

Im Loving It = MacDonalds
Justin Timberlake was dusted off, sent to a recording studio and put his name to a jingle for MacDonalds. REALLY?… we kid you not.  Now does everyone like everything served up by this global fast food chain. WE THINK NOT! So that sort of falls short of the mark.

If you want a catchy slogan or a descriptive tagline then look no further than the STUPID PARROTS. They are more than pleased to produce one from the depths of their copycat toll box.

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Business tagline and slogan development

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