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Thanks to the search engine goliaths everyone has to post lots and lots of relevant stuff and plaster it all over their website. Who actually reads any of this?

WE DON’T! Hey but this BLOG STUFF gets us up the rankings, so here you go.

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Just in case you want to know more about blogs we have saved you searching the interweb. We are brilliant at this stuff.

SEARCH ENGINES like internal links so here you go. Our blog is good for almost everything marketing. If you have a spare few days take a look.

Those pesky search engines want us to add at least 600 words on a page. Research shows that although Google does not rank blog posts based on word count, but word count plays a role. The research also shows that people spend the most time on blog posts that take seven minutes to read. PRETTY ACCURATE timing that. It gets better. That translates into about 1,500 words. By all accounts longer posts are higher quality. We beg to differ but hey who knows?

Looking at the average post length it is said that an average first position used is just over 2,400 words on the page. This research then concluded that we should aim our content at 1,500 words or higher.

SORRY but we really do not have the time to write blog posts this long. Anyway who reads this stuff. We believe if visitors are engaged by the content, chances are search engines will, too. So there you have it. We have added some useful (maybe not) research content to our blog. Have a route about and you may find other boring information.

Blog marketing content creation

PLEASE IGNORE THE QUILL. It has been left here for search engines as they like at least one picture to be on a page. Go figure!