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It is easy peasy to say Hi. No need to send a message by pigeon, pony express or even fill out a form in the hope you will get an answer. ANYONE ever done that? It is all about having a chit chat about a business need. You know, those aspirations and goals. Simple then. PICK UP THE PHONE and give us a call.

07818 301267

There is nothing better than talking. Talking allows questions to be asked. Understanding to be gained and the foundations of a great working relationship to be built.

GOT A QUESTION? Ask away we want to be asked oodles of questions. We believe in open communication. More transparent than a newly fitted pain of glass, we will bear our heart and soul to anyone willing to be bothered to pick up that old fashioned communication device.


If you want the honest truth, we have it.

We are not here to blow smoke, shoot the breeze or tell little porkies. We are here to help all businesses considering at looking at their company in a new thought provoking and an exciting creative way.

YOU CAN STOP READING NOW. Everything below this is for those pesky search engines. There may be something of interest though. So if you have a few more minutes feel free to carry on regardless.

COME ON CONTACT US 07818 301267

So, you have decided to continue going through the wonderful content of this page. WELL DONE YOU. We applaud you, one and all. As a reward we would like to share a secret.

NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW this but us humans do not take a great deal of interest in being propositioned through marketing. We only really find and buy stuff when we have a need or want. As Wanamaker famously said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” In reality he was way off the mark by a great big chunk, Almost all is wasted.

WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE? There is not much more we can say really. If you want to contact us then call us on 07818 301267. Alternatively click the GO TO ANOTHER WASTE OF TIME button below.

IT IS A KNOWN FACT that those frustrating search engine dudes like outbound links so we have added a couple here. Really do not know what use these may be to you, but hey it works for us.

Our blog is good for almost everything marketing. If you have a spare few days take a look.

While writing content for this contact page we check to see if we are SCORING HIGH in what the search engines demand. So to always please we have added some further text so we hit the 600 plus word count. If you are reading this you are seriously too inquisitive. Hey you might have learnt something though. At this PRECISE POINT on the page there was 553 words, so we added a few more for good measure and to hit that REQUIRED 600 words mark. Hey Google… do us and our visitors a favour. Reduce the word count to a more engaging number. We know that no one is going to bother to read what we are putting down here at the bottom of our contact page. At this point we are at 594 words! Just a few more to go.

Do not contact a STUPID PARROT

PLEASE IGNORE THE PIGEON. It has been left here for search engines as they like at least one picture to be on a page. Go figure!